comments on Facebook after reviewing album preview clips on CD Baby

“All I can say is wow. Awesomeness. And I want one!” (Leslie Lloyd, Austin Texas USA)

“Great album and performance. Well done” (Dave W. Mac, Wakefield England)

“Hey I like it. Especially 'The signs are clear' sounds a bit like islander music. I like also 'Is it true what  they say about Jim' nice crooner or sought of bluesy voice but a bit more up…lovely to listen to” (Liz Serritelli, Victoria Australia)

“I really like the song ‘The Light’” (Nate Sticknee, Niles Michigan USA)

“It's a pleasure to listen to it” (Fenohasina Rembeloson, Madagascar Africa)

“crunchy with pop” (Rhiannon Edge, Canada)

“Your music sounds good” (Jim Sutherland, Edinburgh Scotland)

“I love the clips very much…I will recommend this to all my friends” (Archduchess Victoria Habsburg Stengel, South Carolina USA)

“Me like !!!” {Karen Gilbertson Scofield, Portland Oregon USA}

Leslie Lloyd:

"Blue Fox Knights (5 stars)
All I can think of to say is WOW! And I want your album! Awesomeness!"


"My life Is One (5 stars)
Original song ...I love the way the singer sings this song ... I also love the arrangement and the instrumentation. GOOD JOB GUYS !!!"

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