New Album 'Blue Fox Knights II' is now out!

In this their second music album the Blue Fox Knights have stretched their songwriting, & musical production, capabilities even further than before. 

The album is entitled simply “Blue Fox Knights II” but within this the diversity of the songs stretches from the almost childlike ‘nursery rhyme’ folk melodic quality of the song “One with All”, through the searching ‘Phoenix country’ lyrical American desert searching vocals set in Ancient “Babylonian Baby”, to even further and beyond that stretching to the passion of the truly rockin’ upfront “Stranger” with its unashamedly loud guitar/keyboard power chords & haunting lyrics.

All this from Blue Fox Knights, and this time they enlisted the amazing drumming talents of Emily Dolan Davies to give the hard rock ‘awesome edge’ to the two major rock songs on the album (which are “Stranger” & “Echoing Tears of Laughter”), Blue Fox Knights so love what Emily did on these songs.

Then listen to the almost ‘Bowie-esque’ vocal melody on the chorus of “Fascination” & realise the true breadth of Blue Fox Knights, enjoy! 

Dave Albiston (vocal/guitar) and Philip Condie (vocal/percussion/drums/keyboard/bass guitar) are the Blue Fox Knights. 

They were brought together, in the beginning, from a mutual interest in metaphysical spirituality which led them to performing music & eventually a mutual interest in songwriting. 

Their songs are not written to a specific formula, each song is uniquely distinctive & able to cover a diverse range of subjects including love, mystery, philosophy, spirituality & all things between.

Dave and Philip have sung and played extensively and regularly in various bands throughout Scotland for over 25 years, but mostly within/around Edinburgh, in the Ceilidh/Folk/Wedding/ Pop/Rock tradition but Philip has also featured in the Jazz/Swing worlds.

Blue Fox Knights would love to hear your comments on the new “Blue Fox Knights II” album so please let them know what you think about it! 

Recording & Arranging New Songs

We are currently in the process of recording and arranging new songs with a view to gigging locally in the near future. If you are interested in attending one of our future gigs please let us know by completing your contact information on our contact page.There may be ticket discounts and goodies if you do so?

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for the New Year 2014


Well that's the new website up and running!

The new remixed and mastered album available for download from CD Baby and other places like Birnam, iTunes, Amazon and so on.

We have physical copies of the CD album available now too, just send us the request via our contact page (price is £9.00 plus postage and packing, from us) and we will get onto that as soon as possible.

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